Edvina, founded in 1987, builds customized platforms for Open Unified Communication. We base our solutions on Open Source components, mainly Asterisk and Kamailio running on the Linux or FreeBSD operating systems. Our customers range from development companies to large organizations, universities and carriers.

Edvina in short:

  • The Edvina group was founded in 1987
  • During 1989-1996, Edvina distributed TCP/IP software for Windows- and DOS based PCs in Sweden and Norway
  • Since 1996, Edvina AB is a knowledge company focusing on TCP/IP applications, with realtime communication as WebRTC, VoIP and IM/Presence as our focus.
  • We have worked with Asterisk and Kamailio/SIP express router (and cousins) since the year 2000.
  • PKI and TLS has been a core technology in our work for many years
  • Edvina is a member of the Cybernode.se competence network
  • During 2023 we started working with software supply chain security, SBOMs and the CRA
  • We have customers all over the world
  • Owner is Olle E. Johansson
  • The company is based in Sollentuna, Sweden

Corporate details

AddressRunbovägen 10, SE-192 48 Sollentuna, Sweden
Phone+46.8 96 40 20
+46 8 594 788 20
VAT NOSE5567297055-01
PaymentsPaypal: info@edvina.net
– SEK payments: IBAN SE2380000832799042965377
– Euro payments IBAN SE1580000832791376705933
– USD payments: Account: 8327-9,37 028 818-5 IBAN: SE3680000083279370288185 BIC: SWEDSESS
Bank:Name: Swedbank AB
Postal address: 105 34 Stockholm
Sort code: 8901-1,
Tga: swedbank,
Swift code: SWEDSESS
Bank Transfer Service: 980-0012, Bank Reg. no: 502017-7753,
Bank VAT Reg. no: SE663000149010
CEO, FounderOlle E. Johansson, oej@edvina.net