Olle E. Johansson (oej) is a consultant in the area of real-time communication and in embedded system security. He has been active in Open Source for many years as a developer, evangelist, trainer, and speaker in many conferences worldwide. Olle is a member of the OWASP SBOM Forum and the OWASP CycloneDX industry working group. He is currently working on the CycloneDX Transparency Exchange API standard (Koala).

In the past, Olle was an active core developer in the Asterisk.org project, co-founder of the Astricon conference and creator of the Asterisk certifications and trainings. He has been a contributor to the Kamailio.org open source SIP proxy for many years and still run many in-house trainings and workshops in SIP and Kamailio.

Olle is also a project leader for the Swedish DNS TAPIR project that is building Open Source software for analysing DNS resolver logs and finding bad actors.

Olle is the founder and CEO of Edvina AB, founded in 1987.