Johanna is one of our speakers at the Nordic Software Security Summit in September. She will talk about the legal department’s role in the work to comply with the new requirements coming with the EU Cyber Resilience Act.

Master of Law, Sociologist, and Ph. Licentiate in Media Sciences, Johanna Parikka Altenstedt from AFRY will highlight the new EU legal cyber law framework and describe how the traditional legal compliance approach has to develop into a proactive cooperation with technicians, organizational developers, product developers, sustainability and quality experts, to be able in advance solve the legal challenges put up by the coming EU law. By integrating the Legal Department´s work as a Business Partner into the business strategies the businesses will build in compliance and a proper legal analysis from beginning of the production, and thus supporting more productive business in total.

In short, much like security professionals, we may want to shift legal left! Register for the conference today and make sure you can listen to Johanna!